We are a Mozambican company rooted in Mozambique.

We have privileged knowledge of the bio-physical environment of the land, its people and their culture.

Since its creation, IMPACTO has carried out more than 300 Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.

These EIA cover the three regions of the country with their differing characteristics.

Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience in Environmental Impact Assessment.

These EIA include large-scale projects in such fields as hydrocarbons, roads and bridges, rivers and dams and forests.

Better Environment, Better Mozambique


Our pledge is to find solutions that make the environment a productive factor in the sustainable development of Mozambique.

To reach these goals, IMPACTO shall ensure first-class technical and professional quality, in line with the highest national and international standards.



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The Afungi Liquefied Natural Gas Plant Project, Cabo Delgado Province – Resettlement Action Plan

Environmental and Social Impact Study for the Forestry Plantation Project in Manica and Zambezia provinces

Provision of Environmental and Social Services to the works for the completion of the Corumana Dam

Environmental Impact Assessment and Resettlement Plan for the construction of a railway line from Moatize ( Tete Province) to Macuse( Zambezia Province) and a port at Macuse.