Elaboration of Resettlement Action Plans

Resettlement is a critical social process that requires a technically sound approach adapted to the real conditions on the ground. IMPACTO has, with its team of senior consultants in the field of resettlement, ensured that Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) have been prepared so that they are effective during the implementation phase.

The RAP is a tool that guides the resettlement process and the compensation of the community affected by any particular process or development project. IMPACTO prepares the RAP on the basis of national requirements and on the policies of the World Bank Group. According to national directives, any project that involves the displacement of people and or property requires approval of the RAP by the competent authority as a necessary condition for obtaining an environmental licence.

The following list includes some of the RAP prepared by IMPACTO:

  • For the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in theRovumaBasin, for the Anadarko company (in progress);
  • For the Mphanda Nkuwa hydroelectric dam construction project, at the request of COBA for their client HMNK;
  • For the project to widen and rehabilitate the stretch of the N1 national road between theLigonhaRiverand Nampula, at the request of SMEC, for its client Millennium Challenge Account (MCA);
  • For the Benga coal project in Moatize, District,TeteProvince, in collaboration with Golder Associates, at the request of Riversdale;
  • Preparation of an environmental and social management framework and the design of a resettlement policy for the National Directorate of Water/ Social Support Fund – SSF,Angola and the World Bank;
  • RAP of the project for the Rehabilitation and Distribution of Power Lines in Dar-es-Salaam, Moshi and Arusha (Tanzania), at the request of the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (Tanesco).