Public Consultation


IMPACTO is the company with the greatest experience in organizing and conducting public consultations at community, district, provincial and national levels. As a Mozambican company, it has the advantage of being able to communicate easily in socially and culturally appropriate ways with the Interested and Affected Parties by the projects. This characteristic is acknowledged by its clients..

Public Consultation is a procedure intended to involve the Interested and Affected Parties of a specific activity in the decision-making process of that activity, as required by the national legislation on Environmental Impact Assessment, Ministerial Decree 54/2015 and the Ministerial Diploma on the Process of Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessments, Diploma Ministerial 130/2006. It is also a requirement of the World Bank Group, including the IFC (International Financial Corporation).At national level, public consultation is compulsory for all projects that by their nature require Environmental Impact Assessment.